Soft Starting Series

The PhaseMaxx TZ soft-start series converter reduces the converter's start up amps, as compared to the T series converter. The rotary generators used to create the 3rd electrical phase are sized to be about twice as large as the largest horsepower motor they are powering. The inrush amps to start an electrical motor is 5-8x the amps listed on its nameplate, which means that it takes a lot of amps to start a rotary converter.

Our soft-start series converter reduces the required starting current by about 65%. For example, if a regular triple rated converter required 100 amps to start, then the soft-start converter would require only about 35 amps. This is especially important if you have a limited amount of ampacity available.

These inrush amps also affect the utility grid. Everything that connects to the electrical grid affects everything else that is connected to the electrical grid. Minimising power spikes helps create a more stable electrical grid.

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