PhaseMaxx Rotary Converter Sizes

We manufacture the PhaseMaxx rotary converters. They range in size from 3HP to 20HP, and come in both 230V-240V and 460V-480V. The voltage you need will will be displayed on the nameplate of your machine (example).

If you want to validate what your nameplate says, or if it says something unexpected, then please reach out and we can walk through it with you.

How to size a Rotary Phase Converter: Largest HP vs. Total HP

This table shows one row for the largest motor's HP and a different one for the total HP of all the motors that will run together. The largest HP rating is the largest motor that a phase converter can start. You can have multiple motors or multiple machines powered by this one rotary phase converter but the total HP cannot exceed the total rating of the converter.

For example, let's say you have three machines: an edgebander, a table saw, and a planer. Let's say the edgebander is 5HP, while the table saw and planer are both 3HP. Your largest HP is then 5. If all machines were running at the same time then the total HP is 11. The PhaseMaxx 5T would be sized to support this setup because it can start the largest 5HP motor and it can run a total of 15HP simultaneously.

Models PhaseMaxx 3T PhaseMaxx 5T PhaseMaxx 7TZ PhaseMaxx 10TZ PhaseMaxx 15TZ PhaseMaxx 20TZ
General Output Specs
Largest HP 3 HP 5 HP 7.5 HP 10 HP 15 HP 20 HP
Total HP 9 HP 15 HP 22 HP 30 HP 45 HP 60 HP
Output Voltage Same as Input Voltage
General Input Specs
Minimum Input Current 17A 22A 30A 43A 58A 78A
Input Voltage 220V to 240V
Minimum Breaker Size* 40A 50A 60A 70A 100A 150A
Dimensions & Weight
Enclosure Size
(H x W x D)
Total Shipping Weight 200 LBS 230 LBS 320 LBS 390 LBS 600 LBS 740 LBS
Installation &
Operation Manual
PhaseMAXX T Series PhaseMAXX TZ Series

*Breaker Size - This is the minimum size of breaker you need in your single phase panel.

Comparing Rotary Converter Sizes

When comparing the rotary converter of one manufacturer to another, it is important to look at the largest and total HP that it can run. To validate the largest HP rating of a rotary converter, the most reliable method is to compare the frame size of the rotary generator.

There is no governing body to determine the size of a rotary converter, but there is when comparing rotary generators making it a more reliable source of information.

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