We Don't Oversell

When Sean's variable frequency drive was damaged on a Friday afternoon, he thought that there was no way he'd be up and running again by Monday morning. Normally, after shelling out the $3000 for a new drive, it could still take days or even weeks for the drive to arrive if we didn't have one on the shelf. So, Sean gave us what he was expecting to be an expensive phone call. But luckily for him, selling is not our primary goal. Sure, it may pay the bills, but at Electram, our focus is on helping our customers. We will get you exactly what you and your machines need, and as cost-effectively as possible. Instead of selling Sean a brand new VFD, we found a solution where he could continue to use the drive he already owned. Regardless of Sean being prepared to spend the money, we don't oversell. What's best for you is what's best for us.