From cradle to grave

On occasion we receive phone calls from people who bought equipment second hand and aren't sure how to set it up. Sometimes the manual is missing or other bits and pieces have disappeared along the way. They see our Electram labels and get in touch with us. Now, there are plenty of suppliers who would tell them (hopefully politely) to hit the road. If you bought their converter second-hand, then they didn't make any money on you, so why spend the hour(s) on the phone giving support?

But at Electram, we believe in going above and beyond. Rather than looking for a quick payout, we want to build a foundation for a future partnership with you. For example, we had a guy call us recently who had bought a secondhand converter that we originally sold in 1999. We spent the time and helped him get up and running because we support our products - whatever route they take to get to you. If we can help, we will.