From our Family Farm... to your Family Table

Electram has always been proud of the fact that we support "the little guys" who are doing big business in Alberta, partnering with farmers, independent contractors, and other family owned businesses. And we love learning what you are up to. Our sales team believes that it's important to take the time to understand you and your company. You'll find that when you call Electram, we want to know more than a part number. What are you trying to achieve? What's the big picture? Because we want to make sure that you have all the tools you need.

Gubersky Gluten-Free Organics is just such a business. Randy and the rest of the Gubersky family have been pioneers in the organic food industry since 1896. Located near St. Michael, Alberta, they deliver minimally processed gluten-free, non-GMO organic oat and quinoa products. They oversee the entire process, from growing to packaging, meaning that the Gubersky's can personally guarantee the quality of their products. They are also recognized leaders among the Alberta organic farming community. Randy understands that leadership includes pushing for higher standards and being willing to lead by example.

Earlier this year, the Guberskys stepped up their game and decided to minimize their energy consumption footprint by integrating solar power into their entire processing facility - which was a significant commitment. However they were willing to put in the work to uphold their environmental beliefs. Who wouldn't want to do business with a company like that? And when Randy came to us, looking for the right equipment to make this happen, we were excited to provide him with the digital converter and CleanVolt that he needed. Now a large solar bank is providing the majority of the energy that they require to run their facility. Everything from operating their equipment to heating the building. What an awesome legacy! And Electram was able to play a role in that. We believe in supporting our innovative customers. You are the reason that we get to stretch our ingenuity and have fun with our products and what we can get them to do. So thank you for bringing variety into our shop.

If you're interested in learning more or contacting Gubersky Gluten-free Organics, you can find them on their website: