Variable Frequency Drive Sizes

We have VFDs from 1 - 60 horsepower (HP). The available horsepower sizes depend on the voltage. Lower voltages (ie. 120v) will have sizes for smaller HPs while higher voltages (ie. 600v) will have much larger sizes. This is because more potential energy exists within higher voltages and is then more suitable for larger motors.

VFDs In Stock

We try to maintain stock for most horsepowers in most voltages on our self.
If it is not on the shelf then it is likely on order.

3 Phase Conversion

Our VFDs do phase conversion, but you will need to double their horsepower (HP) rating. For example, if you have a 5HP motor, then you will need a 10HP VFD if you want to use it to do the phase conversion.

If the power source shows that it can take 1 or 3 phase, then you do not need to double the HP.

120/240 volts
1 Phase
208-240 volts
1 or 3 Phase
240 volts
3 Phase**
1 HP ESV751N01SXB ESV751N02YXB n/a
1.5 HP ESV112N01SXB ESV112N02YXB n/a
2 HP n/a ESV152N02YXB n/a
3 HP n/a ESV222N02YXB n/a
5 HP n/a n/a ESV402N02TXB
7.5 HP n/a n/a ESV552N02TXB
10 HP n/a n/a ESV752N02TXB
15 HP n/a n/a ESV113N02TXB
20 HP n/a n/a ESV153N02TXB

**3 Phase - Our VFDs can accept either single phase or 3 phase. Some VFDs are sized assuming they are being fed with 3 phase. If we provide single phase instead, then we need to double the size of the drive.

**For example, if you have a 5HP motor, then you will need a 10HP VFD if you also need the VFD to do the phase conversion.

VFDs in Wet Locations

The above VFDs are all meant to be in dry and clean-ish environments. If you are in an environment where the VFD could get wet then you will either have to put the VFD in an enclosure or you will need a VFD that is waterproof. These VFDs are considered NEMA4x rated.

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