When You Don't Know What You Need

We are more than an electrical wholesale supplier. Wholesales are typically staffed by salesmen who know how get what you ask for off the shelf and sell it to you. The problem comes when you're not sure what you want, or what your equipment really needs. Salesmen won't be able to help you, because they don't have the electrical know-how to understand and solve your problem. This is where Electram is different than the rest. Our sales team is made up of journeymen electricians who like the challenge of finding solutions to new problems. They care about more than part numbers. Instead, they want to understand what you are trying to accomplish, and what it will take to help you succeed.

Thomas was setting up a water business in northern BC. Which is awesome! Building a business is hard work. He had a problem though, and nobody was able to give him a workable solution. All of his equipment needed 3 phase power to work, but in that area of BC, only 1 phase is available. In short, the power company couldn't supply his heavy-duty equipment with what it needed. So Thomas started asking around, and one of his distributors connected him with us. It took some time to figure out what his power requirements were. In the end, we were able to outfit him with two digital converters and a plan for how to distribute his machines between the two in a way that would supply their power needs. Electram believes in working with our customers to find straight forward solutions to complex problems. We focus on building relationships with people and learning about their business. Because, when you succeed, we succeed.