Good-bye Murphy's Law!

We're not entirely sure who Murphy was and why he gets his own law... but we'd like to have a word with him. "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." What a dumb law! But it does seem to be true more often than we'd like. Machines breakdown, mistakes are made, that's just gonna happen. That's one of the reasons why our sales team is made up of journeyman electricians. We only recommend and sell items that we would use ourselves. They aren't just part numbers to us, but the tools of our trade. If we wouldn't use it, then we're sure not going to recommend that you buy it.

But what happens when Murphy's law holds true? Not only is your phase converter out of commission, but a new one will take time to be shipped? We are committed to getting you the part you need. But, until we have transporter technology and can beam a new converter directly from the factory to you, we've come up with a solution. We are now offering rental digital converters to help cover that annoying delay. Electram has two digital converters (20HP and 30HP units) that you can rent, either to try out on your setup, or to bridge the gap while you wait for Murphy's law to resolve itself. If this is something that you'd like to know more about, give us a call! 1-780-451-0418