Hold Your Horses

Electram has two digital phase converters that are available to you to rent. We have a 20HP and a 30HP unit. Hopefully, you're already aware of this offer. But we wanted to share a story about our most recent rental.

A few weeks ago, we had an urgent call from Darren who was working with the Ponoka Stampede. Their rotary phase converter failed only a few days into the event. There wasn't money in the budget to purchase a new unit, but he did have the funds to rent an upgraded digital converter. Already in our warehouse, the unit was available for pick up that same day. They rented the converter for the remainder of the stampede.

There are lots of reasons why renting a digital converter might be right for you. Maybe you need to bridge the gap while your new converter is being shipped to you. Maybe you want to try it out before you commit to a big investment. Or maybe, like Darren, you need it for short term use. Whatever the reason, Electram is here to support you and your business!