Better Safe Than Sorry

It's been an interesting few months, hasn't it? Lots of changes and uncertainties. Some people's lives have been drastically affected by COVID-19, while others have barely changed. Now things are starting to open up again. Some people are raring to get out into the world, while others are leery of doing anything too quickly. Everyone has their own limit to what they are comfortable with, and that's okay. But, we can all agree that we're looking forward to life to find its new normal. We want to see people and be seen. However, it's also important to keep taking those protective measures to make sure there isn't a spike in the infection rate. Wash your hands, use sanitizers, be mindful of social distancing, and be careful around vulnerable populations. Better safe than sorry, right?

Did you know that Electram has a "better safe than sorry" product as well? Clean-Volt is a surge protection device that attracts energy surges and dissipates them, so that no harm is done to the connected equipment. If you've spent thousands of dollars on a top-of-the-line phase converter, you don't want to risk any damage and Clean-Volt is your best option. Trust us; our sales team is made up of journeyman electricians and they wouldn't recommend something they wouldn't use themselves. So don't be sorry. Be safe!