Surge-Tec surge arrestors

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Secondary Surge Arrestors


  • Surge Tec arresters incorporate special features that make them stand above other Secondary Arresters and Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS).
  • These arresters use a patented (#5,502,612) fault withstand design along with replacement indication.
  • The surge suppressors are available in 175 volt, 480 volt and 650 volt AC ratings for application on system voltages below 650 volts phase to ground and operate at frequencies between 48 and 62 Hz.
  • The units come with 18 inch, #14 AWG solid copper wire leads and are designed to be mounted outdoors or indoors.
  • FAULT WITHSTAND CAPABILITY - Surge Tec secondary arresters' patented design achieves a fault withstand capability of 10kA rms without the use of any external fusing.  This unique design has been tested at high current failure modes to verify its ability to withstand a failure without a violent fracture of its housing. Fault current is the full available current that the device conducts in the event it is short circuited by conducting a surge beyond the designed capability. This provides significant advantages in the area of secondary voltage protection.
  • REPLACEMENT INDICATION - A visual indication on the front label permits routine checks of the arrester's operational status.  Indication windows on the label turn black if the arrester fails.  The arrester should be replaced when any area of any window turns black.   




  • MacLean's Surge Tec arresters are classified for category B and C installations based on the diagram shown below.
  • The arresters are designed for repeated operation and continuous protection.
  • Surge arresters provide the path of least resistance to ground for surges on a power system.  The arrestors should be installed by a licensed electrician.
  • To provide the best protection, the lead wires should be kept as short as possible.  When installed properly, they will divert lightning surges to ground very quickly.
  • Surge Tec arresters offer the first line of defense for the entire electrical service
    and protect wiring, major appliances, pumps, and heating/air conditioning
  • For added protection to computers, MacLean Power Systems recommends
    a plug-in-strip type of device with lower clamping voltages as a second line of
    defense. This type of coordination provides excellent surge protection for the entire electric service.

Electram stocks both 1-phase and 3-phase Surge-Tec surge arrestors - ideal for installations where sensitive solid-state equipment is installed




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