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Electric motor solid-state (electronic) soft-starters.

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Sprecher + Schuh soft starters

  PCS Series to 400 HP Overview

The PCS electric motor soft starter Controller is one of Sprecher + Schuh's newest solid-state controllers, with rich features at an economical price. This softstarter is specifically designed to start 3-phase electric motors (up to 400HP @ 460V / 500HP @ 575V), but is very compact, easy to use and DIN-rail mountable for models up to 85A. Four standard starting modes are available with the PCS Controller:

  • Soft Start
  • Soft Start with Selectable Kick-Start
  • Current Limit Starting
  • Soft Start with Soft Stop
Extending the PCS Softstarter Controllers, 108...480 Amps

The PCS product offering has been expanded from 85A to 480A (up to 400HP @ 460V). The new range provides a highly accurate and reliable device with increased intelligence in a compact footprint.

PF Series to 1000 HP (3-wire),
or 1400 HP (6 wire) Overview

These intelligent electric motor soft starters offer precise programming set-up with built-in keypad & LCD display, and are provided with eight standard starting modes:

  • Soft Start
  • Soft Start with Selectable Kick-Start
  • Current Limit Starting
  • Dual Ramp Start
  • Full Voltage Start
  • Linear Speed Acceleration
  • Preset Slow Speed
  • Soft Stop

The PF electric motor soft starters are fully intelligent devices that have the following features:

  • Stall protection and Jam detection
  • Underload protection
  • Undervoltage protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Voltage unbalance protection
  • Excessive starts per hour
  • Metering
  • Keypad programming
  • Ground fault input
  • Tach input
  • PTC input  

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Self Contained, Ready To Install

In one small package, PCS electric motor Controllers offer a built-in overload relay, a bypass contactor and a microprocessor controller that provides soft starting for most industrial applications. The standard Soft Start mode provides a smooth voltage ramp-up to full motor speed, while the Current Limit Starting mode limits inrush in high inertia applications. A Soft Stop feature ramps down high friction loads smoothly, eliminating sudden deceleration in these applications.

For Use Anywhere

Sprecher Schuh PCS electric motor Softstarters come in three different frame sizes. The smallest frame is from 3A...37A, the middle size is from 43A...85A and the largest frame size is 108A...135A. These units are available from 200V...600V - 50/60 Hz. This assures the devices can be used anywhere in the world.

Many convenient features

PCS Soft-starters are reliable and easy to use. 

                    Features include:

  • Digital rotary switches for precise settings

  • LED indication of faults

  • Built-in, programmable electronic overload protection

  • Selectable trip current

  • Bypass contactors for increased life and heat reduction

  • Over temperature protection

  • Protection against phase reversal, phase imbalance, and single-phasing

  • Short and open load detection



Connect any soft-starter to KT7 Motor Circuit Controllers for branch circuit protection.


For the complete Sprecher + Schuh catalogue, see: sprecherschuh.com


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