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APG Series (VFD - speed controlling) pumpjack converters are only stocked in the USA, and available for USA destinations only.

APH Series pumpjack converters (Complete with Lockable Main breaker and thermostatically-controlled heating) are stocked in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility, and are intended for the Canadian marketplace only.

Especially designed for Oil Well (Pump Jack / Beam pump) 3-phase motor operation from a single-phase source.

Supplied in a NEMA 4 enclosure, complete with Lockable Main Breaker, thermostatically-controlled heating, and circulating fan, the Oil Well (pump jack) APG series converter is well equipped to operate oil well pumps from a single-phase power source, and provide full speed control for beam pumps at the same time.

Pole mount

         Pad mount

Phase Converting Low Harmonics

Incorporating the best features of PhaseMAXX Digital Phase Converter with a variable frequency drive (VFD), these Oil well (Beam pump) controlling drives are purpose-built phase converting variable frequency drives (VFD) with a unique set of features and benefits. Low Harmonics electronic power factor correction produces a sine-wave line-side current, greatly reducing the current distortion and line harmonics. Because of its favorable harmonic profile, input line reactors and harmonic filters are not required on the line side of a PhaseMAXX Low Harmonic, Phase Converting Drive.

Power Quality

As the use of power switching equipment such as VFDs becomes more common, the harmonic distortion they cause is a growing concern for electric utilities. Utilities now commonly require an installation to comply with IEEE 519, the standard for allowable line voltage and current distortion. The input module of PhaseMAXX Low Harmonic, Phase Convertering Drives are equipped with electronic power factor correction, which eliminates the troublesome harmonic distortion common to other VFDs. These installations easily comply with IEEE 519 and expensive input harmonic filters and line reactors are never required.

Easy Size & Selection

Most VFDs used as phase converters actually have a three-phase input. Because of this, the drive HP rating must be doubled or even tripled to protect the diode bridge and to deal with ripple current on the DC bus. PhaseMAXX Drives have a single-phase input module designed for phase conversion and do not require oversizing. All models are available in a compact, rugged wall mount NEMA 4 outdoor enclosure complete with thermostatically-controlled heating and venting.

APG Series variable frequency drives (VFD) are inverter-based devices that convert single-phase input to three-phase variable frequency output to provide speed control for three-phase AC motors. The drives have regenerative capability, allowing regenerative power from the load to pass through the converter back to the line side power source. APG Series drives are equipped with either an LCL or LC filter on the line-side module, resulting in very low harmonic distortion of utility power.

Low LineSide Harmonics

All models of the APG Series employ electronic power factor correction on the input module. Electronic power factor correction allows the drive to draw the input current as a sine wave, greatly reducing the current distortion
and line harmonics associated with a diode bridge rectifier. Because of its favorable harmonic profile, input line reactors and harmonic filters are NOT REQUIRED on the line side of an APG Series drive. Models are available
with either an LC filter or an LCL filter. The LCL filter produces cleaner wave forms with lower harmonic distortion. Installations in many cases will comply with IEEE 519, the international standard for allowable
harmonic distortion on utility mains.


Advanced Features

PhaseMAXX Low Harmonic, Oil well Phase Converting Drives offer advanced, programmable motor and pump protection features including dry well protection, programmable restart delays and more. Variable frequency output ramps motor speed to eliminate line disturbance and water hammer. Control circuits provide the ability to monitor and control motor torque and speed. It is also equipped with remote notification relays and modbus communication for off-site monitoring.

Easy Installation and Operation

Unlike “off the shelf” VFDs that are difficult to program, our Low Harmonic, Variable Frequency Drive’s intuitive keypad and LCD display allows advanced programmable pump protection with ease and has the familiar look and feel of a pump panel H/O/A control. The keypad also displays easy to understand trouble shooting codes, operating parameters, timers and fault logs. Installation can usually be accomplished in just minutes with a minimum of additional equipment required.

Voltage Conversion

The 10HP, 20HP and 30HP models are available with either 240V or 480V input. Active switching control of the line-side module allows the drive to boost 240V single-phase input to 480V three-phase output. Voltage doubling can realize significant savings from reduced wire size in long motor lead applications. The load-side inverter is rated 480V output on all models.

Voltage Boosting

Unlike a diode bridge rectifier, the input module is capable of significantly boosting the voltage on the DC bus. Utilizing this feature, some models of the APG series convert 240V single-phase line voltage to 480V three-phase output. The APG Series includes models rated either 240V or 480V on the line side. All APG Series drives are
rated 480V three-phase on the load side.

Load Side Inverter

The APG Series output on the load side is three-phase, pulse width modulated (PWM), variable voltage and frequency. All models are rated 480V on the load side. The APG Series employs either v/f control or sensorless vector control for outstanding low-speed performance and speed control.

Options for the USA and Canadian Marketplace:

Installation of Clean-Volt surge arrestor. (See Clean-Volt from the Drop Down Menu on the top of this page). The Clean-Volt is the best protection available today when it comes to transient voltage protection. 

Additions for the Canadian Marketplace only:

APG series oil well converters have the following added components (as-built in our CSA Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility);

  • Lockable Main breaker
  • Thermostatically-controlled heating

APG series oil well converters with the above additions for the Canadian marketplace are subsequently identified as "APH" series.


Press for the (USA) APG series PDF spec.

Press here for the (CAN) APH series PDF spec.



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