Lovato Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Kinko is stocked in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility.

Lovato (Kinco) PLC.

The LOVATO Electric system of modular components, has been still more enhanced with the introduction of Kinco: a programmable logic controller, compact in size yet with exceptional  performance, suitable for the control and supervision of low and medium complexity automatism.

Due to the multiplicity of functions, Kinco can efficiently be used in diverse fields of industrial, service and residential applications such as: packaging machines, industrial dishwashers, lighting installations, irrigation systems, garbage disposal machinery, door and gate controls.

Selling points

  • 10, 12 and 20 Input-Output base units.
  • Expansion modules with 4 Inputs and 4 Outputs.
  • Maximum configuration: 44 nputs/Outputs.
  • RS232 serial interface port for PC or program backup memory connection.
  • On-board programming languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Chinese.
  • PC programming languages: Italian, English and Spanish.


  • Base relay units.
  • Expansion and communication units.

Lovato (Kinco) PLC.

The programming language is exceptionally easy to learn - even for those without any PLC programming experience. You'll be surprised how little time it takes to learn to implement your electrical designs into the Kinko PLC programming (LADDER) or (FBD) language and get your electrical schemes running properly.

Call us for your very first Kinko starter kit that includes a 4 input/4 output PLC, Software disk, and USB cable. Current price for the LRDKIT starter kit is only $165 !! (Prices subject to change without notice).

If you are located in (or can plan to be in) Edmonton, make an appointment with us to look at Kinko PLCs, and have the opportunity to quickly and effortlessly learn the Kinko programming language.

With the purchase of a Kinko starter kit
($165 !!) you can receive two (2) hours of free LADDER programming and training instruction in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility - by appointment only.

Want to finally learn how to use and program PLCs? Look no further. Buy the Kinko starter kit and book your free one-on-one training instruction course today.

Get up to speed! Do you finally want to learn PLC programming language and how to apply PLCs?

Purchase the Kinko starter package (see below left) and receive two (2) free hours of one-on-one programming and application instruction in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facilty (by appointment only).



  • Quick control board installation.
  • Fewer number of components.
  • Less wiring - fewer number of connections.
  • Repetitiveness - Less errors during panel building.
  • Considerable time savings.
  • Flexibility - Quick correction of abnormal conditions at final testing.
  • Fast changes on control boards.

So easy to use

With a personal computer, two programming language logics can be used: FBD (Function Block Diagrams) and LADDER (Contact scheme).

Both of these can be accomplished;

  • Simulate the program directly "Off-Line" on a personal computer to test that it runs correctly.
  • Use the Supervision Mode to check the program "on-line".

On front, Kinco has 8 function keys, dedicated to "on-board" programming and for status and variable supervision. The 4 directional key can be configured as function keys - programmable by the user.

Electram uses Kinko programmable logic controllers in all (logic-manipulated) control panels produced in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility.

To purchase the Kinko starter kit and receive your free two (2) hour, one-on-one LADDER programming and training instruction session, send an email to Kinko programming session

Lovato Kinko PLCs - Great products! - Great Prices!

For a complete PDF on the Lovato (Kinco) PLC, press HERE

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