Lovato contactors, overload relays and motor control accessories

Lovato is stocked in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility.



3 and 4 pole contactors + Definite purpose contactors.

Electram featured Lovato electric motor controls in all phase converters, motor control panels, or Motor Control Centers manufactured or assembled in our Edmonton CSA / C  US certified facility prior to 2007, and currently maintains stock of those same replacement components.

Lovato Star/Delta starting, reduced voltage starting, multi-speed, and all combination type (breaker or fusible) magnetic starters are stocked by Electram for reversing, and non-reversing applications.

A wide range of starters, contactors, switches, joysticks and overload relays rated from fractional horsepower up to 400 HP at 600v, is complimented by the industry's most versatile snap-on auxiliary components and accessories.

And if you're looking for grain handling or multi-motor control panels - (are you ever in the right place!),  Electram will custom build a control center which includes the Main disconnect, combination type (breaker or fusible) magnetic starters complete with Stop/Start or Hand/Off/Auto selectors, illuminated pilot lights for each device, and timed or interlocking control circuits for any grain handling system. 



One of the main features of Lovato contactors is their higher Breaking Capacity as compared to many other contactor makes. The high breaking capacity of Lovato makes these products considerably more durable than most other IEC contactors.

Need motor control products of any sort?  -  Ask for Lovato by name.  

We also carry Pendant Stations - (both thermoplastic and aluminum),  limit switches, joysticks, surge suppressers (or surge arresters), rotary cam switches, inductive proximity sensors, capacitive proximity sensors, generator bypass switches (or line transfer switches), and a full line of control devices.

Whether its phase converters, magnetic starters, multi-motor control centers, or any type of electric motor controls, - Power in, Power out, and Power Up with Electram Rotary Equipment Ltd. 


Lovato full-voltage magnetic starters.

Lovato motor control 

Distributed by: Electram
Equipment Ltd.

Motor protection circuit breakers:

  • Wide adjustment range 0.1 to 100A.
  • Breaking capacity to 50kA (400V) up to 100A.
  • Suitable for isolation.
  • Comprehensive line of accessories.
  • Front mount contacts without increasing external dimensions.
  • Automatic trip indicators.
  • High reliability and accuracy of tripping.


Switch disconnects:

  • 16 to 125A ratings.
  • Versions: door interlock, direct operating handle, door mounting and in enclosure.
  • Add-on fourth pole.
  • Snap-on auxiliary contacts, earth pole and neutral terminal.
  • Modular and compact size.



  • Three-pole versions up to 630A for AC3 duty.
  • Four-pole versions up to 1600A for AC1 duty.
  • Special versions with 2NO+2NC or 4NC main poles.
  • Special versions for power factor correction.
  • Versions with AC/DC control coil.
  • Extensive choice of add-on blocks and accessories.
  • Approved by primary international authorities.


Motor protection relays:

  • Thermal overload relays for currents between 0.09 and 420A.
  • Special versions available for motors with overly long starting cycles.
  • Phase failure sensitive and non-phase failure sensitive versions.
  • Automatic or manual reset.
  • Independent or direct mounting on contactor.
  • Thermistor protection relay.


Metal Joysticks (22mm)

2 directions

4 directions

2 directions with mechanical interlock

4 directions with mechanical interlock

Complete with auxiliary contacts.



Joystick >>>
(c/w interlock)

<<< Joystick
(w/o interlock)

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