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 PH series digital phase converter

Key Features & Benefits

  • Clean, balanced power under all load conditions for even the most demanding applications.
  • Electronic power factor correction on the input module for efficient, utility-friendly operation.
  • IEEE 519 compliant.
  • Sinusoidal output voltage allows operation of all types of voltage-sensitive equipment.
  • Protects operated equipment from over-voltage, under-voltage, and other adverse effects.
  • 97% efficiency typical.
  • Simple to configure and install.
  • Stocked in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility.
  • Optional Motor Starter feature includes starter and overload protection for single motor loads.
  • Remote ON/OFF switching capability on all models.
  • EMI filter options available to reduce both conducted and emitted noise.
  • Optional plasma display for 2 line, 32 character text display of status indicators and trouble-shooting codes.
  • New compact design in wall mounted enclosures.
  • Outdoor rainproof enclosures available.


Ease of Installation

The PH converter can accomodate a transformer connected directly to its output terminals (within code consideration), followed by a standard power distribution system. The installation is straightforward and easy.

Power for multiple motor loads

Digital phase converters are an alternative to solid-state converters where more than one inductive motor load exists, or where the load is resistive in nature, or where variable frequency drives and/or similar controllers form part of the load. Digital converters are stocked in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canadian facility. CSA approved for Canada.


PhaseMAXX can safely power virtually any three-phase application within its rated capacity.  It can power resistive and capacitive loads as well as motor or inductive loads.  Its power quality makes it ideal for powering demanding loads such as CNC machine equipment, submersible pumps and other voltage sensitive applications rated either 50 or 60 Hz.

Suitability for On-demand operation

The PH is especially well suited for on-demand applications such as refrigeration compressors and other cyclic loads. Because the PH has such low idle current (PH330 has 100w of stand-by power consumption), it is ideal for operation of 3-phase loads that are difficult to operate with a Rotary type converter that is operated on demand only (eg: refrigeration compressors).

Troubleshooting made easy

The PH contains three LED (Red, Green, Yellow) indicators that are either steady-state ON, or flashing depending on the fault. The manual supplied with the PH outlines fault conditions related to the state of LEDs and the required corrective action.



Digital converters represent the most advanced choice in phase conversion technology. With quiet operation and innovation in design, the PH series provide fully balanced voltages under ALL load conditions. Absolutely a must for CNC equipment or any other loads requiring critical voltage balance.


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Digital converter 


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These quality products are stocked in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility as well as a USA warehouse.


Single-phase power


1-phase current characteristics:

Sinusoidal, 2% total harmonic distortion

Power factor:

Near unity, all load conditions (.99)

Input Voltage:

187 – 260 volts

Power quality

PhaseMAXX Power Products Group digital converters produce true sinusoidal three-phase output voltages balanced to within 1% under all load conditions.  Because the output voltage is a sine wave with very low harmonic distortion, all types  of three-phase equipment can be safely powered.  Input current is true sinusoidal, near unity (0.99) power factor and does not produce harmonics which can pollute the power grid.


  • High efficiency.
  • Balanced three-phase voltages under ALL load conditions.
  • Electronic power factor correction.
  • High momentary overload current capacity.
  • Automatic brownout and over-voltage protection.
  • Fault protection and overload protection.
  • Built-in motor starter capability.
  • Clean power fed back to utility grid from three-phase generating loads.

Automatic power re-start

The PH includes a built-in 3-pole contactor that closes (5 - 8 seconds) after Utility power is applied. 3-phase power is only passed onto the converter's output once the 3-pole contactor closes. This feature is ideal for automatically re-starting 3-phase loads after a Utility power failure is corrected. The (5 - 8 second) delay also allows the connection of a 3-phase transformer to the converter's output terminals - without additional (power ON delay) switchgear.


PH converters carry a one (1) year warranty.

1-phase, AC, (187 - 260v)
50/60 Hz
Output Amps: 30A
Output KVA: 12.5 KVA at 240v

Stand-by Power Consumption: 100w

PDF (electrical spec)

PDF (mech spec)

1-phase, AC, (187 - 260v)
50/60 Hz
Output Amps: 55A
Output KVA: 22.9 KVA at 240v
Stand-by Power Consumption: 240w PDF (electrical spec)

PDF (mech spec)


1-phase, AC, (187 - 260v)
50/60 Hz
Output Amps: 80A 
Output KVA: 33.2 KVA at 240v

Stand-by Power Consumption: 400w PDF (electrical spec)

PDF (mech spec)
1-phase, AC, (187 - 260v)
50/60 Hz
Output Amps: 110A
Output KVA: 45.7 KVA at 240v
Stand-by Power Consumption: 480w PDF (electrical spec)

PDF (mech spec)

1-phase, AC, (187 - 260v)
50/60 Hz
Output Amps: 160A
Output KVA: 66.4 KVA at 240v
Stand-by Power Consumption: 800w PDF (electrical spec)

PDF (mech spec)


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