Triple Rated TZ Soft-start rotary phase converters

Concerned about Utility Line Disturbance for your neighbors when you start your new rotary phase converter?

Because a rotary converter is often considerably larger than the electric motor(s) it provides power for, (and even more so for computer numerically controlled applications), the machine's starting current (LRA)  should be a factor in product selection for your particular installation site.

Utility suppliers have severe restrictions when it comes to inrush (LRA) on their power grid. They want to ensure one client's power requirements does not adversely affect the surrounding utility users. Before you purchase any conversion product, it may be prudent to consult your Utility supplier to find out what their limitations are.

But the bottom line is .... your Utility supplier won't like any disturbance period.
Nor will your office full of sensitive computer equipment.
Nor will your neighbors.

Well, the best solution may be to order a PhaseMAXX omplete with Soft-start starter. You may be surprised at the low price of the soft-start starter feature. Typically, the addition of the soft-start starter (TZ) carries a price tag that is only 12% higher than the standard full-voltage magnetic starter inlcuded in (T, TCNC) series convertors.

Soft-start PROMOTION ! - Ask about our current soft-start promotion where TZ (soft-start) Series converters are provided at the same price as T Series (full-voltage magnetic starter). This promotion is available for most models.

PhaseMAXX TZ (soft-start) Series Triple Rated converters



PhaseMAXX TZ (soft start) Triple Rated Rotary Phase Converters are supplied with built-in Soft-start starter, overload protection, and Hand/Off/Auto or Stop/Start controls. These converters can operate single or multiple motors, as well as resistive loads.

The KVA capability for resistive loads is 1.3 times the (Largest HP) rating. Triple Rated rotary phase converters are ideally suited for grain handling, woodworking equipment, hoists, printing machines, irrigation pivots, air conditioners, and machine tools.

Motors connected to Triple Rated rotary phase converters will develop full rated HP.   

PhaseMAXX is stocked in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility.

  HP Ratio Largest / Total - (1:3)

HP Frame Model Largest HP Total HP Resistive Load KVA
7.5 213T PhaseMAXX - 3TZ 3 9 3.9
10 215T PhaseMAXX - 5TZ 5 15 6.5
15 254T PhaseMAXX - 7TZ 7.5 22 9.75
20 256T PhaseMAXX - 10TZ 10 30 13.0
25 284T PhaseMAXX - 13TZ 13 39 16.9
30 286T PhaseMAXX - 15TZ 15 45 19.5
40 324T PhaseMAXX - 20TZ 20 60 26.0
50 326T PhaseMAXX - 25TZ 25 75 32.5
60 364T PhaseMAXX - 30TZ 30 90 39.0
80 365T (+) PhaseMAXX - 40TZ 40 120 52.0
100 404T PhaseMAXX - 50TZ 50 150 65.0
120 405T (-) PhaseMAXX - 60TZ 60 180 78.0
150 444T PhaseMAXX - 75TZ 75 225 97.5

The above table is presented as a  "Class 1"   general guide only. Converter "Class" refers to the size of converter versus load.  

TZ Serie Soft-start converters are an easy solution to less Utility disturbance especially when the converter required would normally have higher Locked Rotor Amperage (LRA) than that of the largest motor operated from the converter. Many specific applications require a rotary converter that is larger in order to maintain adequate starting torque for the load. Doing so, results in a converter that will have higher LRA than that of the load motor - a factor that offten affects the size of Utility service required. The easy solution of course, is the TZ Soft-start series.

Concerned about disturbing your Utility supplier (or surrounding residences) when you operate your converter? Rest a little easier with the lower starting current of the TZ series.

The TZ series converters are produced with quality Carlo Gavazzi motor controls, along with the durability and quiet operational characteristics of cast iron rotary generators.

When price-comparing converters between different manufacturers, especially compare the HP and Frame size of the converter. See the drop-down menu's [Rotary Converter General Info] section at the top of this page.
Consult PhaseMAXX to properly size a converter for your specific application.


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