CNC application (TZCNC and *2TZCNC) phase converters

Concerned about Utility Line Disturbance for your neighbors when you start your new rotary phase converter?

Because a rotary converter is often considerably larger than the electric motor(s) it provides power for, (and even more so for computer numerically controlled applications), the machine's starting current (LRA)  should be a factor in product selection for your particular installation site.

Utility suppliers have severe restrictions when it comes to inrush (LRA) on their power grid. They want to ensure one client's power requirements does not adversely affect the surrounding utility users. Before you purchase any conversion product, it may be prudent to consult your Utility supplier to find out what their limitations are.

But the bottom line is .... your Utility supplier won't like any disturbance period.
Nor will your office full of sensitive computer equipment.
Nor will your neighbors.

Well, the best solution may be to order a PhaseMAXX omplete with Soft-start starter. You may be surprised at the low price of the soft-start starter feature. Typically, the addition of the soft-start starter (TZ) carries a price tag that is only 12% higher than the standard full-voltage magnetic starter inlcuded in (T, TCNC) series convertors.

Soft-start PROMOTION ! - Ask about our current soft-start promotion where TZ (soft-start) Series converters are provided at the same price as T Series (full-voltage magnetic starter). This promotion is available for most models.

PhaseMAXX (TZCNC series)     

rotor.jpg (178885 bytes) PhaseMAXX TZCNC phase converters can be adjusted to provide phase-to-phase voltage balance for a particular load - often as close to that supplied by a Utility supplied 3-phase system.

TLC (Timed Line Contactor) features provide instant protection against single-phase operation of your costly CNC machine's drive and control system.

(TZ and *2TZ)

Equipped with: Soft-start magnetic starters



Non-regenerative HP Rated MachineTool 
(Main Spindle).

HP Rated  Machine Tool (Main Spindle).


 PhaseMAXX - 7TZCNC 3.7 
 PhaseMAXX - 10TZCNC 6.7 
 PhaseMAXX - 13TZCNC 7.7  6.2  11 
 PhaseMAXX - 15TZCNC 10  7.5  13 
 PhaseMAXX - 152TZCNC 10  7.5  13 
 PhaseMAXX - 20TZCNC 13.3  10  18 
 PhaseMAXX - 202TZCNC 13.3  10  18 
 PhaseMAXX - 25TZCNC 16.6  12.5  22 
 PhaseMAXX - 252TZCNC 16.6  12.5  22 
 PhaseMAXX - 302TZCNC 20  15  26 
 PhaseMAXX - 402TZCNC 26.6  20  36 
 PhaseMAXX - 502TZCNC 33.3  25  44 

Application Notes:

Use HP Rated models
for all machine tools.
Use KVA Rating for all
resistive type loads
including high speed
imaging, computers,
rectifiers, and lasers.
These load types may
still contain a small
inductive component.
Eg: a laser can include
an internal mirror
alignment or axis motor.

 *2TZ references a two-stage product.

30TCNCA-2753.jpg (197580 bytes)

PhaseMAXX TZCNC rotary phase converters are supplied complete with built in Soft-start Magnetic starter, Overload protection, Stop/Start controls, and TLC feature.

These converters are specifically designed to operate a single Computer Numerically Controlled machine within its critical voltage requirements.



A CNC machine connected to a Rotary phase converter should have its input power supply completely disconnected whenever the phase converter is not operating. This important safety feature is essential for all CNC applications operating from a rotary phase converter - no matter which make of converter you select. Electram TLC (Timed Line Contactor) features are included with all TZCNC phase converters.

The TLC allows the phase converter to complete its starting cycle - before connecting the CNC machine to the converter supplied 3 phase power. This ensures that your voltage sensitive CNC equipment's cpu (computer) is not adversely affected as the output voltage of the converter develops from zero to rated voltage during the converter start cycle. As well, the TLC prevents single phase operation of the CNC machine in the event that the phase converter trips, or is shut off for any reason while the CNC machine is operating.

Especially because CNC enabled converters are much larger than standard (non-CNC) converters, the use of Soft-start magnetic starters offers a significant advantage over across-the-line magnetic starters. The Soft start device generally reduces the converter's Locked Rotor Amperage (LRA) to a value that is less than the LRA of the CNC spindle motor operating with full starting torque. Low current, remarkable design, and outstanding quality make this product hard to overlook.

And the most surprising feature of PhaseMAXX CNC enabled (TZCNC & 2TZCNC) phase converters? - complete as above, yet priced lower than competitor's products that do not include a Soft-start magnetic starter, TLC, etc. See for yourself.
Consult PhaseMAXX to properly size a converter for your specific application.


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