PhaseMAXX TX series (triple rated) Class 1 converter

PhaseMAXX is stocked in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility.

PhaseMAXX TX series converters

The TX series converters are constructed with the same care and attention to detail, as are every other Electram products. Unlike PhaseMAXX converter models suffixed with (T, TUS, TZ, TCNC, and TZCNC), the TX is supplied without magnetic starter and can be operated with a customer supplied two-pole fusible disconnect (knife switch).

The TX models are only available in the limited HPs shown below. Larger converters are all supplied as "T" series converters complete with built-in magnetic starter, or "TZ" series with soft-start starters.

Produced with rotary generator cast iron frames, the PhaseMAXX - TX series are as rugged as it gets, and will provide years of trouble-free operation that is synonymous with PhaseMAXX.

TX_series.jpg (20524 bytes)

HP Frame Model Largest HP Total HP Resistive Load KVA
5 184T PhaseMAXX - 2TX 2 6 3.0
7.5 213T PhaseMAXX - 3TX 3 9 3.9
10 215T PhaseMAXX - 5TX 5 15 6.5
15 254T PhaseMAXX - 7TX 7.5 22 9.75
20 256T PhaseMAXX - 10TX 10 30 13.0

The above table is presented as a  "Class 1" general guide only. Converter "Class" refers to the size of converter versus load.  

When price-comparing converters between different manufacturers, especially compare the HP and Frame size of the converter. See the drop-down menu's [Rotary Converter General Info] section at the top of this page.
Consult PhaseMAXX to properly size a converter for your specific application.

Press here for the "TX" Series standard installation manual.

Press here for the "TX" standard installation drawing.


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