Is Anybody Out There?

How's everyone doing out there? We hope that you and your families are safe and healthy. With the constantly changing guidelines, it can be challenging to make decisions that will protect both your business and your workers. At Electram, that has meant having half of our team work remotely and keeping our shop free of foot traffic. We are still open, but we're bringing your orders out to you and keeping our building an employee-only zone. We know it's the right decision to make, but honestly? We miss you! We look forward to our customers stopping in and chatting while we get an order together. We want to hear what you're working on, when you started planting, or what contracting projects are coming your way. Those connections are valuable to us.

One of the most reassuring things that has surfaced in this pandemic is the human tendency to band together. Social media can sometimes be a scary place to scroll through right now, but it's also full of wonderful - socially distant - human interactions. Neighbours who are blasting music from balconies, people dropping groceries on porches, households taping pictures to windows for kids to find. The need for social distancing has clearly demonstrated how important human connection is to us. So, until you can drop in for a coffee and to see what we're building in the back, know that we are here. We are open, and we want to support you and your business as much as we can.