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Grove Gear reducers

Stearns Clutches & Brakes


Leeson / Grove Gear / Stearns 

  • 9 sizes available in gear reducer, GEAR+MOTOR™ and integral gearmotor designs
  • Input horsepower ratings up to 125 HP
  • Available in double, triple and quadruple reduction with ratios from 2.2:1 to 3700:1
  • High efficiency design maximizes system performance
  • Foot and flange mounting design available in all sizes
  • An Industry leader in power density per unit size
  • 3 day standard lead time on sizes through 887 double & triple reduction units

Leeson Explosion Proof Motors

Leeson Explosion-Proof motors are ideally suited for hazardous environments defined by the motor’s explosion-proof class and group rating for use in applications that may contain explosive gases or materials.

UL Listed – Frames 56-145T and 182T-445T:

Class 1 Groups C & D and Class 2 Groups F & G (Divisions 1 & 2). Frames 182T-256T and 364T-449T: Class 1 Group C & D and Class 2 Groups F & G (Divisions 1 & 2). 250 HP, 449T and 449TS available as Class 1 Group D - Class 2 Groups F & G (Divisions 1 & 2).

  • Steel frames and cast aluminum end brackets: 56 – 145T
  • Cast iron frames and end brackets on frames: 182T and larger
  • Inverter-Rated designs available: constant and variable torque speed range of 6 to 60 Hz (10:1)
  • Nameplated for 190/380 Volt, 50 Hz operation
  • Premium Class F insulation system
  • Automatic reset thermal protector (56-145T) or thermostat (182T-449T)
  • Meets UL frame temperature limit code T3B

Three Phase Available Sizes:

Horsepower 1/3 to 250 1/3 to 250 1/3 to 1/2
Speed (RPM) 3600 1800 1200

Frame Size

56 – 449TS 56 – 449T 56
50 Hz for use overseas.






LEESON is a full-line North American manufacturer of electric motors, gearmotors and gear reducers for use in industrial and commercial applications, with nearly 4,000 items available from stock. Products offered include AC and DC motors, sub-fhp motors and gearmotors, adjustable speed drives, NEMA Gear+Motors, and right-angle gear reducers. Leeson Canada also features its own FHP® brand.

STEARNS manufactures one of the most comprehensive lines of standard and special AC/DC industrial brakes and clutches on the market today.STEARNS was the first company to develop self-adjusting brakes, as well as the originator of brakes for hazardous locations and the first known clutch. 

LEESON relies on STEARNS components for it's brakemotors because of their simplicity, craftsmanship and reliability.

LEESON Canada is the largest distributor of STEARNS products in the country today. STEARNS components are warehoused across Canada in all LEESON branches and LEESON personnel are equipped to help you with any technical questions you may have about brake or clutch products.



Electric motors, Gear reducers, Stearns brake & clutches.


Distributed by: Electram Rotary Equipment Ltd. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Part of the PhaseMAXX Power Products Group.

Washdown Motors

Leeson Product offerings of Three-phase washdown Duty Motors includes the original moisture-shedding “Duck” motor, a Premium stainless and SST stainless line, a line of Paint free “Washguard II” motors as well as the Extreme Duck, encapsulated motors. 

Washguard White Epoxy Features include:
  • Durable RUST-OLEUM White Epoxy Coating
  • Stainless steel shaft, conduit box cover, nameplate, fan guard
  • Special gaskets, slingers and seals
  • Four endshield drains
  • Moisture-resistant interior components
  • Meets IP55 enclosure protection
  • Rigid Base and C-Face models available
Horsepower 1/3 to 15 1/4 to 10 1/2 to 1.5
Speed (RPM) 3600 1800 1200



Electram Rotary Equipment Ltd, 18112 - 107th Avenue,

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5S 1K5

Part of the PhaseMAXX Power Products Group.