Blackhawk Power Conditioning

Blackhawk Power Conditioning

Your power quality is affected by many things. The power generated by the power plant may be perfect (power factor of 1) but applications, like motors, transformers and fluorescent lights, cause feedback on the lines. Since you share power lines with your neighbours, any application that causes feedback will affect everyone on your power grid.

This is both hard on your equipment (electronics included) and hard on your power bills. Power companies will add financial penalties to your bill if your equipment affects the power factor on your power grid.

Our Blackhawk Power Conditioning System will:

  • Clean up the power coming into your building to help protect your equipment
  • Clean up the disturbances your equipment sends back to the power grid to eliminate the fines from the electrical company
  • Reduce power bills by 8 - 10% or more
  • Be protected by a 5 year warranty

How it Works
The Power Factor

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