PhaseMAXX - Rotary Phase Converters


PhaseMAXX - The industrial mark of excellence! - These rotary phase converters are the engineered solution for any single to 3-phase power conversion applications.


1 - Ruggedness and Quieter operation of Cast Iron frames - (as opposed to cold rolled steel of most competitive products).  

2 -Phase converter magnetic starter is  included as built-in for all ( T, TZ, TCNC, and TZCNC) product lines.

3 - Available with  Soft-start starters where your Utility service is severely restricted or limited in size (or simply to reduce line disturbance).  

4 - CSA and UL approved for Canada and the USA.



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PhaseMAXX - The industrial mark of excellence!

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PhaseMAXX - Available with soft-start feature

- One-year no-nonsense warranty

- Application engineered


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Concerned about Utility Line Disturbance for your neighbors when you start your new rotary phase converter?

Because a rotary converter is often considerably larger than the electric motor(s) it provides power for, (and even more so for computer numerically controlled applications), the machine's starting current (LRA)  should be a factor in product selection for your particular installation site.

Utility suppliers have severe restrictions when it comes to inrush (LRA) on their power grid. They want to ensure one client's power requirements does not adversely affect the surrounding utility users. Before you purchase any conversion product, it may be prudent to consult your Utility supplier to find out what their limitations are.

But the bottom line is .... your Utility supplier won't like any disturbance period.
Nor will your office full of sensitive computer equipment.
Nor will your neighbors.

Well, the best solution may be to order a PhaseMAXX complete with Soft-start starter. You may be surprised at the low price of the soft-start starter feature. Typically, the addition of the soft-start starter (TZ) carries a price tag that is only 12% higher than the standard across-the-line magnetic starter  (T, TCNC) convertors.

Because it takes someone with comprehensive knowledge to determine the size and type of conversion product for a particular application, why not contact us with the specifics of your application, and leave our expert sales/engineering staff correctly suggest the item required.  

Need it today? - We may have the largest converter stock in North America.
Need world-class products engineered for the application? - Let our professionals help.
Need it to work the way you expect it to? - Thats easy .... just ask for PhaseMAXX by name.

We welcome consultant inquiries. Need a specification data sheet? Email your request to our engineering department for a quick response.

Call us at (800) 863-6646,  Mountain Standard Time, and get the "real goods" on single to 3-phase power conversion.

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